2015 is going to be AMAZING!

As the old year fades and the new year begins I am getting excited. I had gather my thoughts and knew I was going to dream big in this upcoming year. Old papers were filed, old work taken down and left over emails were deleted. Looking over bills and changing plans I could see my financial status risings as now my bills would be cheaper oh I was feeling good about my plans.
As the eve turns into morn I am nervous about opening my emails….today would be the day I would find out if I had been accepted into a big, well-know art show called “ArtFields”. All I could think of was how cool would it be to find out my submission was accepted on the first day of the year. Waiting and looking throughout the day my nerves were scattered…..so you can only imagine the excitement when I read “Congratulations” my submission was in.

I along with 400 other outstanding artist will be showing our work from April 27 to May 2 in Lake City, SC. Please take the time and come see……we have all worked hard to get there. Here is a shout out to all of those that I have yet to meet and to two that I know Scott Quinn and Vivianne Lee Carey…….I am proud of US!

Yes it is going to be an amazing year!!!!

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Lets begin again!

That is what I was thinking when I woke up this morning……lets begin again.

I know I am no different than the other 100 plus artists I have met.  We all want to begin to create something new and getting started is the hardest thing to do.

We plan, we gather supplies, we imagine and we talk about our masterpieces but we take forever to get begin again.

Yes that is where I am…..the beginning to begin.

I have gather my supplies, made my plan, talked about what it will be and imagined it will be the masterpiece of all masterpieces.



Now if I could just focus!

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Another day

Ok so I never got around to putting my day in writing and it is probably a good thing since well I had about 5 Oreos and 3 small pecan pies………don’t hate me lol.

I  had a bagel with chicken, egg and cheese for breakfast from Chick-fil A what a mistake!

I only ate half of it though so I hope that was a good thing.

For lunch I had some chicken on wheat with fiber round bread with just a small amount of mayo.  Sure filled me up.

Ending the day I had another bowl of that great soup I made and a few tortilla chips.

Looking back maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.  I mean I even danced for about 7 minutes.

I look forward to trying it another day.

May you always have an angel by your side

May you always have an angel by your side


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Path to better health……a continence

Ok so another day and I am still at it.

No breakfast…….dang I should of known better because by 11 I was feeling slow slow slow.  So I reached behind my seat, as you see I am always on the road so I always keep something to eat with me.  Oh I thought of pulling over and grabbing me something…..maybe some french fries. You know just a little something to hold me over.  I got some bass and I thought maybe they have something.  Well I did good I waited until I got home.

Of course by than it was about 12:15 so I was starving needless to say.  I decided on some chicken warmed up in a hot corn totilla with lettuce.  I know great idea huh and I thought of it all on my own.  It was so good and I did not put salt on it although I could of put pepper I just forgot.  Maybe I was so hungry but either way it was good to me and I think healthy.

I had a cup of coffee yep with french vanilla cream……but come on how could it taste any better.

So for supper I decided I would make some soup.  So I had some frozen chicken broth and I added some carrots, black beans, kidney beans, onion, chicken, rice and lots of seasoning.  It is busy cooking right now and it sure smells good.

I can’t decide though if it would be better to eat the tortilla chips or make some garlic bread…..I don’t know which will be healthier.

Be back soup is a boiling!Image

Now if I must say so that was some mighty fine soup!  I ate two bowls and a few tortilla chips.

So not to bad for the day……..oh except I did eat 3 Oreo cookies lol lol but I had a smoothy I created………Two handfuls of Kale,

1 apple, 1 orange, 1 banana, flax seed, cup of yogart, bottle of water…it was great and tasted very healthy!!!!  It sure made a lot but I drank it all!   I am getting stronger I can feel it!

Oh exercise.  Well I did try I think I danced for about 7 minutes and I walked down to the creek and after falling in I managed to make it back up the hill soaked and freezing.  Glad I made the soup!

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The beginning to a healthier me……………

Library - 10323Today is the day I have decided I really need to do something..  Now lets see if I can do it.  I would begin to day to eat healthier and exercise everyday.  And I will try to record it heard everyday…… LOL LOL>

This morning I made an egg sandwich, which I don’t think is that bad and I used wheat thin round bread and mustard.  Now I know that is better than mayo.  But really I don’t know if it was healthy or not.  I really need to learn don’t you think.

For lunch I was treated by a friend who arrived with a roasted chicken and a beautiful salad……..but again not sure about the dressing, healthy wise, it was Ranch.  But it was sooooo good and I felt healthy!

For my dinner I ate some more of the chicken and the salad and I added some roasted cauliflower.  Now this was really good …I just cut up some cauliflower and put in a baggie than I added some lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and pepper shook it up and put on a roasted pan and put under broil on 500 for about 15 mins……oh my gosh it was unbelievable.  I will for sure make more of that.

So I don’t think it was to bad today until of course I saw those dang Oreos hanging out on the shelf………ye you got it I ate some not going to tell you how many……..lol……I know for sure it was too much!

As far as exercises….lol…….really you didn’t think I would get that in today.  I did try to dance and it lasted for about 5 mins.  No worries though I will just continue to work on it .

Any suggestions from others I would consider…….help me out!

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Making a plan

dare to imagine

dare to imagine

As this new year gets underway I look back on the plans I made. What was I thinking? I must of been out of my mind, thinking that I was going to be able to get done what I had planned. I can’t even get started!
Although I have these thoughts I also know I am the one who made the plans and I know I am the one that will make it happen….so I must begin!
So the first thing on my list is to make a decision on the upcoming show. It will be in Feburary and put on by The Artist Guild of Spartanburg. It will be open to the public to vote and it winners will be determined on the amount of votes that the piece of art recieves. I am getting excited thinking about it and nervous thinking will I get it done.
What will I show? I wonder.
At this moment I don’t know but I do know I will show.
So be on the look out and please come by the Artist Guild Gallery in Feburary and vote on the one you like best!

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A New Year!

BarninfieldWell here we are again at the beginning of a new year, new beginnings and to some a new life. As I look forward to the new year I also want to take a moment and look back. It was a rough year with a lot of emotional ups and downs and death seemed always at my door. Losing friends and family to the process of death has made me realize how short our mortal life is. So as I sit at the doorstep of a new year I know I want to live it to my fullest and experience all that life has to offer.
So with projects planned, books to read and emails to answer my resolutions are made. My camera is packed, maps are marked and I ready to be on my way.
I vow to be nicer, spread more love, be happy daily and most of all dance the whole year!

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